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Have you been booking direct with the cruise lines or using an online travel agency? Then talk to us and discover why you'll never want to book anywhere else again.


Welcome to LastCallCruises, Inc., where you won't have to sacrafice price OR service!!


We are NOT an online travel agency!!!

By Don Baasch, Owner/President of LastCallCruises, Inc.

You've come to the right place! LastCallCruises is the cruise retailer for the saavy consumer who wants the convenience and value of booking from the comfort of their home without having to sacrafice in other areas like expert knowledge and intelligent, competent customer service.


LastCallCruises is NOT an online travel agency, but rather a service-oriented cruise retailer with only one thing in common with the “online” agencies. And that is, we do no face-to-face business which enables us to be more efficient. And being more efficient in combination with our superior knowledge means we can offer a level of service not seen elsewhere.


LastCallCruises does NOT have an online booking engine. We view each customer/cruise quote request individually and provide a customized service tailored specifically to the needs of each customer. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here which is probably why we have such an unusually high customer retention rate. The advantages of booking with us, even if you already know exactly what you want, are what keep people coming back.


We are all about advice and price. If a customer is not sure which cruise to take, we recommend the product that is BEST even if we make less money selling it. Once we have established the cruise desired, our service then soars light years beyond everyone else as per below.


  • We know how every Cruise Line prices their product. That is, we know what their pricing philosophy is, when/how they promote, what you stand to gain and lose with certain promotions and finally, what the odds are of having a bad experience (overpaying) by booking in a particular booking window. Bottom line:sometimes it is better to wait and we will tell you if we think you should even though we make no money offering such advice. You will NEVER find that from a place (cruise line or agency) where the "counselors" are working on commission. No one works on commission here.


  • We know how to get you the maximum onboard credit/shipboard amenities for your cabin or group of cabins


  • We discount/offer value added when permitted by the cruise line.


  • We know the ships and their idiosyncrasies. All cabins are not alike, even in the same category. We know where the best cabins are (like balconies that are triple the size for the same money) and will always try to get those cabins for our customers. We also know how to manipulate the categories and occupancy of particular categories to keep your costs down.


  • As long as you do not have a non-refundable fare (sometimes this is the best way to go and sometimes it is not) we watch your sailing weekly, and when possible try and come up with a better price, more onboard credit or an upgrade over your original booking. After you book with us, your deal can only get better and the worst scenario is that your booking stays the same.


  • We don’t want to forget about you once you book. We have customer service staff that does not work on commission and whose only goal is servicing.


  • We sell travel insurance that is better and usually less expensive than the cruise line insurance from only one company which makes us an important customer for them. What this means for you is a much better chance of having a good experience and getting paid from the insurance company in the unlikely event that you should need to file a claim.


The bottom line is simple: Review the bullet points above. You don’t get any of that with a direct booking and very little of it with “online” travel agencies.


Donald Baasch, President/Owner

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